Timelines and Deadlines

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Student Teaching Application Week is in Early September and February

Appointments available beginning two weeks prior to start of application week.

Call 704-687-8802 to schedule your appointment.

  • Applications for all Yearlong Internships (YLI), Undergraduate Student Teaching, and Graduate Student Teaching are due mid-February or mid-September, one semester before the student teaching or internship semester.
  • Applicants should schedule a 20-minute appointment well in advance of these deadlines by calling the Office of Field Experiences at 704-687-8802.
  • All applications require prior review and signature of the academic advisor.
  • All application packets must be complete with all details and all copies made prior to the OFE appointment. NO INCOMPLETE PACKETS WILL BE ACCEPTED!
  • Applicants will receive placement information at the end of the semester.

Undergraduate Application Page

Graduate Application Page

Timeline for admission to Teacher Education and Student Teaching (undergraduate)

Questions? Visit the Office of Field Experiences, College of Education Building Suite 139, or call