Undergraduate Requirements for Admission to Student Teaching

The minimum requirements for admission to student teaching, as established by the College of Education and each teacher education program, are noted in the UNC Charlotte Undergraduate Catalog:

  1. Prior formal admission to the Teacher Education Program*
  2. Senior status
  3. Completion of all other coursework
  4. An overall GPA of 2.5
  5. GPA of 2.75 and grades of C or higher in all professional education courses**
  6. GPA of 2.75 and grades of C or higher in courses required in the student’s area of teaching specialization** (Note: some programs have higher GPA requirements)

(Note: students in Middle Grades will be required to have a 2.75 and grades of C or higher in two content areas)

  1. A recommendation from the faculty advisor(s) certifying readiness for student teaching
  2. Submission of application packet to the Office of Field Experiences before the established deadlines

*Requirements for Admission to the Teacher Education Program

  • Required of all teacher education candidates by the North Carolina Department of Public Education
  • Overall GPA of 2.5 in at least 45 semester hours
  • Passing scores on all three Praxis I tests - for details and exemptions see http://tealr.uncc.edu/praxis-information
  • A grade of C or better in both EDUC 2100 and SPED 2100 or MDSK 2100 (as required by program)
  • Approval by the Department Chair or designee
  • Some programs have additional prerequisites
  • Submission of the goldenrod application form to the Office of Teacher Education Advising Licensure and Recruitment (TEALR)

**For the purposes of clearance to student teaching, the university policy of grade replacement will be used.