Cooperating Teacher Information and Resources

Cooperating Teacher (CT) Training and Additional Resources

Below are links to online training modules and required documents for CTs to complete. 

There is only one surveyshare to complete, it follows the edTPA module.

The final module on required documents has an e-signiture link that must be completed as well. 

CT Online training introduction 

Module 1 - CT Mentorship

Optional Daily/Weekly Feedback Form (PDF)

Optional Daily/Weekly Feedback Form (WORD)

Module 2 - CT STAR Scoring Training



STAR Training Vignettes (PDF)

STAR Scoring Sheet (WORD)

Module 3 - CT edTPA Introduction (Video)

edTPA main web site [link]

edTPA acceptable and unacceptable supports [linkTF]

edTPA - becoming a scorer [link]

Surveyshare Link 

Module 4 - CT Required Documents

Honorarium Directions - Actual forms to use included in file

Confidentiality Form 

STAR Signature page (PDF)

Observation Feedback Form (PDF)


Professional Dispositions Form (PDF)